Ice Spice teases forthcoming debut album, ‘Y2K’: “I think this is some of my best work”

Ice Spice closed out 2023 with four Hot 100 singles, with her favorite being “Princess Diana.” Speaking to Billboard for a feature highlighting her as this year’s Women In Music Hitmaker, she explained, “I felt like ‘Princess Diana’ was already my best song on [Like…?], but then it didn’t chart or anything until Nicki [Minaj] got on it. I was just so happy to have both of those worlds where I felt like it was culturally a great song, but also it charted. And then I had my dream collab fulfilled at the same time.”

Her feature on Pinkpantheress‘ “Boy’s a liar, Pt. 2” was a song she “never thought” “would be as big as it is.” “I knew it would be a big moment, but I didn’t think it would be triple-platinum,” Ice Spice told Billboard. As for a song of hers she thought would be “bigger,” she named “Actin a Smoochie.”

Ice is now in the process of recording her debut album, Y2K, which she said will “be sweet and to the point.” “I think this is some of my best work,” the rapper teased.

She’s specifically looking for “really hard” beats that “instantly” move her, noting, “If I don’t physically feel the beat of the speakers — then I’m just going to keep moving on to the next one.”

“But as soon as I know, I know I have that beat. It’s up from there,” Ice continued.

She’s also received advice from Taylor Swift that may help her with songwriting.

“When I was in the studio with Taylor, like, I’ll never forget that. She told me, ‘No matter what, just keep making music and everything’s going to be fine,'” Ice Spice said.

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