Normani says debut album represents “everything I’ve gone through to get to this moment”

Photo by Emma McIntyre/WireImage for Parkwood

Normani‘s debut album, DOPAMINE, may put an end to fans’ inquiries about new music, but it has a deeper meaning for the singer.

“It feels like a representation of everything I’ve gone through to get to this moment,” Normani says in a cover feature for Who What Wear. “I know I needed time, experiences, and space coming out of [Fifth Harmony] in order to become the version of myself I needed to be. Without [all of that], I would not be able to exist within the creative space that I am in now. I would not be able to make the type of music I’m making now.”

With certain expectations placed on her, Normani says she sometimes finds herself thinking, “Is what everybody is saying true? Did I miss my moment? Did I wait too long? Do they still care?” She notes the self-doubt stems from the pressure she put on herself growing up “to be the absolute best that I could possibly be to be seen, heard, recognized, and acknowledged.” 

Now, Normani’s “on a quest to be able to recognize that all that I am is actually enough.” Understanding the healing power of her music also helps her silence the noise.

As Normani revealed, her parents started cancer treatments when she set out on her solo career, leading her to say, “F*** all of this. This is bigger than the music … This is life or death.”

Though she “always wanted to be there for them,” “pushing through made the circumstances of the last few years feel a bit lighter for my parents.”

“It was in those moments with my parents that made me realize that I have an opportunity to make an impact in this lifetime,” Normani said.

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