Julia Roberts, Mahershala Ali + Ethan Hawke face an apocalyptic cyber attack in ‘Leave the World Behind’

Netflix/JoJo Whilden

Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail again tackles the dangers of technology, taking on an apocalyptic cyber attack with Oscar winners Mahershala Ali and Julia Roberts, in the trailer for Netflix’s Leave the World Behind.

If those are not enough famous names, the movie was executive produced by two Hollywood newcomers: Barack and Michelle Obama.

The adaptation of Rumaan Alam‘s bestselling novel has Roberts and Ethan Hawke playing a couple who’ve just moved into a vacation home, only to have a father and daughter, played by Ali and Myha’la, insisting they’ve booked it, too.

“We were driving back to the city when something happened,” a tux-wearing Ali says ominously.

With both couples refusing to leave, they make the best of it — until the world starts falling apart. It starts with the Wi-Fi failing and erupts into a nationwide series of cyber attacks that sends a cruise ship barreling toward the beach. Self-driving Teslas then come alive and drive the wrong direction down the highway straight at Roberts and her family.

Kevin Bacon also appears as a shotgun-wielding neighbor. “I would do anything to protect my family,” he says. “What you do is your business.”

The movie comes to the streaming service on December 8.

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