*This* Keke Wyatt hit is the song that resonates with her the most

Keke Wyatt

Many will probably say that Keke Wyatt is synonymous with R&B greatness, but when it comes to her long list of timeless love ballads, there is one song in particular that Wyatt connects with most. 

If Only You Knew, most definitely,” she answered quickly when asked by ABC Audio to name a favorite.

Though in conversation about her new WE tv reality series, Keke Wyatt’s World, the singer didn’t hesitate to dish on why she resonates with the 2001 hit so much. 

”It showcases everything, vocally, that I love to do,” she said. 

What makes it an even more a special record: The fact that Wyatt got a personal call from the creator of the original song, the “Godmother of Soul” Patti LaBelle, who expressed that “because of you, I can never sing my song again.”

“I was like ‘dang, I wasn’t trying to do all that, girl,'” she recalled telling LaBelle, adding it was an honor for the iconic singer to pick up the phone and offer such high praises to her and her version of the song.

Also a privilege: LaBelle referred to Wyatt as a heifer during that call — in the most endearing of ways, of course.

“She said, ‘Look here, heifer.’ I said, ‘Ooo, yes, Ma’am,'” she remembered, adding that the funny moment was awesome. 

“My First Love” and “Nothing in this World” don’t fall too far behind on Keke’s list of favorites. But it’s her recent music, like her new single, “Water into Wine,” that she’s excited about today. 

“Water into Wine” will show up on Wyatt’s upcoming album, which she told ABC Audio is full of “a whole lot of girl bops.”

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