JT says she doesn’t live in her hometown of Miami “because of the trauma”

Omar Vega/Getty Images

JT is opening up about growing up in Miami and the reason she no longer lives in the Magic City. 

She told Interview Magazine in a recent cover story that although she loves her hometown, she opts to live elsewhere due to the emotional distress the city causes her. 

“I love Miami so much, even though I don’t live there because of the trauma,” she told Interview.

JT said growing up in Miami-Dade County, which she called beautiful but grungy, was “crazy.” 

“My surroundings was like that. My mom was like that. My aunt was like that. My dad got eight baby mamas, and he was like that. He gave them money.”

But JT is still Miami, through and through. In her words: “I still talk like I’m from Miami. I still walk like I’m from Miami. I still rap like I’m from Miami,” she said. 

The City Girls rapper said the city always has her back, but when it comes to more commercialized music, “they don’t be feeling it.”

“When I do my little hood one-two, they be like, ‘That’s what I’m talking about.'”

So, when it comes to JT’s new music, “That’s what I’m going to lean into more when I do my first project. My roots,” she said. 

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