Hosts of In The Black Network’s ‘Crowned’ will be open and transparent on new talk show

In The Black Network

In The Black Network, a brand new destination for all things Black TV and entertainment, debuted Crowned, a talk show featuring four influential and popular Black women in media. On the show, Vivica A. Fox, Chanel Nicole Scott, Syleena Johnson and Kendra G. will engage in candid discussions centered around pop culture, sports and personal growth.

In conversation with ABC Audio ahead of the first episode, which premiered exclusively on the new streaming platform October 2, the ladies said they’ll infuse much of their own life and personal experiences into weekly conversations. 

“We will have to be transparent,” Johnson said, revealing they’ll open up on a wide array of topics “from love to relationships to being single women, business women, mothers, dealing with health and wellness” and so much more.

Radio host Kendra G. plans to add her input on topics relatable to audiences, like dating, friendships and even motherhood aspirations.  

Scott, a prominent speaker on love and relationships, said that because people oftentimes “don’t think that there’s anyone else that’s going through what they’re going through,” she’s hopeful that sharing her testimony, along with the ups and downs of life, will help others on their personal journeys.

Because fans mostly know Fox for acting, hosting and other on-screen gigs, she’s looking forward to viewers getting to know “the real Vivica.”

Crowned will serve as “a safe place to vent,” she said, adding, “it’s almost going to be like a therapy session for us every show.”

New episodes of Crowned will air Mondays on major streaming platforms and on the In the Black Network app. 

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