Megan Thee Stallion launches Flamin’ Hot University snack partnership to help fund HBCU students

Flamin’ Hot

Megan Thee Stallion is giving back to the college she once attended and graduated from. 

She’s doing so as the Hot Girl Dean of Admissions of Flamin’ Hot University, a partnership with Flamin’ Hot created as a way to help students at her alma mater, Texas Southern University, lower their debt. 

In conversation with Billboardthe self-proclaimed hot girl shared details about the collaboration, which features an online curriculum centered on food, fashion and lifestyle. As a lover of spicy treats, she said she joined the snack brand in an effort to “do things that feel real.”

“I just wanted to have a lot of things that have something to do with things that are personal to me,” the “overseer of all things Hot Girl” said. “I feel like every college student knows the struggle. I feel like Hot Cheetos are definitely on the menu at every campus, this is what we eat!”

Megan opened up about relating to the college struggle, saying that she knows what’s it like to feel discouraged in school. 

“I really got through it, and I wanted to be able to give back to other students that I know feel the same way I felt,” she said. “So once I was able to give it, I was like, ‘Yeah, lemme put my people on.'”

Besides her Hottie 101 Cheetos and the Fire Theeory Doritos, the Flamin’ Hot menu includes an array of unique snack ideas and recipes, curated with the help of Megan’s fellow TSU alum Chef Scotty, and a special line of fashion merch including a Stallion varsity jacket designed by famed streetwear stylist Melody Ehsani

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