Here’s a hint on when Halle Bailey’s upcoming EP will drop

ABC/Eric McCandless

It may be well known that Halle Bailey is gearing up to release her solo debut EP soon; what hasn’t been solidified is when that’ll actually happen. 

The date is still private information, but the singer did drop a hint on when fans can expect new music: “Definitely before the end of the year.”

She provided the update in a recent Cosmopolitan cover story, where she also delved into the different life changes that inspired the album’s music. 

“This has been a really beautiful transformative time for me,” Halle said. “I have all this new material to write about. It’s like, ‘What the heck did I just experience and go through?'”

Halle, reflecting on the success of Disney’s The Little Mermaid live-action remake and the newness of her relationship with rapper DDG, said she was “very creatively inspired.”

“Then from there, I fell in love,” she added.

And those are the themes weaved into her new music, she said.

“Sound-wise, it’s a little modern R&B-ish, with all the jazz elements and hints of pop that I love.”

When asked who her target audience is, Halle said, “My music is definitely for the young girl who doesn’t know herself completely yet, who’s growing every day and learning about who she is and about her power.”

She added, “It’s an emotional, vulnerable kind of music. It’s also a love letter to myself and my younger self and my future self.”

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