Doja Cat changes ‘Scarlet’ album cover following “same art” controversy


After the internet realized that the cover of Doja Cat‘s new album was almost exactly the same as the cover of the new album by a German metal band, Doja has made a change.

After taking down her original Instagram post that showed the cover of her album Scarlet — a close-up of a purple spider and a drop of blood — she’s now shared new cover art.

“SCARLET 9.22 (updated cover),” reads the caption. The image shows what looks like two spiders facing each other, with pearls for bodies.

The German metal band Chaver unveiled its album cover in July. Like Doja, it featured a close-up of a purple spider and a drop of blood, only with the band’s name and the album title — Of Gloom — added. Coincidentally, both albums are coming out on September 22.

The artist behind both covers, Dusty Ray, posted Doja’s new album image on his Instagram Story, indicating that he designed the new image, as well. The artist’s website also features the new image.

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