Adele fans fail Beyoncé-inspired “mute challenge”

Raven B. Varona/Caesars Entertainment

When Beyoncé sings the cue for the packed audience at her Renaissance shows to go silent, they usually do just that. 

But the crowd in attendance at Adele‘s Vegas residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace over the weekend couldn’t quite master the “mute challenge.”

“We’re practicing, ready — everybody on mute!” she said into the mic as seen in video shared by People, before holding it out to what should’ve been a silent audience. The 35-year-old British singer was met with disappointment after there was much chattering heard in the crowd. 

“You f****** failed miserably,” Adele said playfully. “When I sing ‘everybody on mute,’ you have to be f****** quiet.”

The “All I Ask” singer took a stab at practicing the viral challenge created by Beyoncé on her Renaissance World Tour. When Bey sings the “Energy” lyric, “Look around, everybody on mute,” she and her music go silent with hopes that all concertgoers are completely quiet for a moment, as well. 

Earlier in the summer, video circulated of Beyonce’s Atlanta stop — like Adele’s attempt, the audience kept making noise. 

“Atlanta failed miserably,” Adele said to her fans. “There was a video of them I was shown this morning. And everyone was like ‘aah.'”

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