Victoria Monét’s album release date revealed in “On My Mama” video

Lovett Music, Inc./RCA Records

For those who picked up on the many details included in Victoria Monét‘s “On My Mama” music video, you might’ve noticed the hint she dropped about her upcoming album, Jaguar II. 

She and her dancers revealed the project’s release date of Friday, August 25, by donning the numbers on custom-made throwback jersey dresses. 

Monét wore a powder blue and white dress, similar to the famous University of North Carolina jersey dress worn by singer Maya in the 2000s, with the number “8” sewn in the middle. The other four girls wore the rest of the numbers, and when standing together, the numbers read 8/25/23. 

“Did you peep the JAGUAR II release date on the jersey dresses?,” Monét asked fans on Instagram. 

The well-received video was still a top trending topic on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Thursday, August 17, two days after it dropped on August 15. 

Upon its release, the rising star gained much positive feedback from her followers, with one saying they were “absolutely obsessed” with the visual. 

An ode to the South, and a throwback to the 2000s, the music video captures Monét paying homage to AaliyahCiara circa “Goodies,” Black fraternities and sororities and many other nostalgic moments in Black culture. 

“I hope Victoria Monét realizes just how special she is,” one user tweeted. “On my mama, she’s a STAR!”

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