K Camp joins Teenear on new track, “Come See Me (Pt. 2)”

Nykieria Chaney/Getty Images

K Camp hopped on the track with rising singer Teenear for her song, “Come See Me (Pt. 2)

Out via Slip-N-Slide records, the new song pairs K Camp’s sing-and-rap style with vocals by the Miami singer. 

Teenear’s most known for her role on season 5 of MTV’s Siesta Keys, but she’s now focusing on music, something that’s been a part of her life since a young child. 

“My first memories of singing for people were in my church and that really instilled confidence in me,” she said in her bio on her official website. “And it also made me eager to not grow up too fast in my music.” 

Previously dropped Teenear tracks include “Ain’t Mine,” “Special Attention” and the original version of “Come See Me.” 

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