Victoria Monét shares thoughts on “underrated” music status: “I’d always rather be underrated than overrated”

Cassidy Sparrow/Getty Images

Rising R&B star Victoria Monét gets candid about her music career and how she deals with people not seeing the value in her work in a recent interview with People.

Ahead of the release of her upcoming album, Jaguar II, the star said she appreciates when fans refer to her as underrated because that means they see the potential in her music.

“There’s been a lot of talk on Twitter that I’m underrated, and I really always appreciate that because I feel like it means that people see more for me than I currently have, which is always good,” she said. 

One reason Monét believes people feel she doesn’t get the recognition she deserves is because they’ve been following her career since her days as a songwriter in the early 2000s.  

“I like that some people feel like they were early,” she said. “They’re like, ‘I knew about her years ago,’ which creates some pride and camaraderie and then gives people an incentive to spread the word, too.”

The “Moment” singer said that if it came down to it, she’d prefer to be underrated. 

“I’d always rather be underrated than overrated. I feel like there’s so much more to be said, shown and seen.”

Victoria Monét’s new album, Jaguar II, is expected Friday, August 25. 

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