Offset announces new music with James Brown interview spoof featuring Jamie Lee Curtis

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Hennessy

Offset announced he’ll soon drop new music in a creative way that had fans on the internet in a frenzy. 

The Migos rapper spoofed the infamous 1988 James Brown CNN interview where he dodged reporter questions and routed the conversation away from his legal battles at the time, to his tour and music ventures. 

In the short clip, Jamie Lee Curtis who takes on the role of reporter Sonya Friedman, asks Offset, “Your fans are saying that there’s a lot of drama between you and your beautiful wife, Cardi B?”

Offset, mimicking Brown’s obscure behavior, laughs it off, prompting Curtis to respond by saying, “Ok, you’re not going to answer my f****** question, are you?”

“There’s no problem,” Offset said, to which Curtis claps back with a witty, “She seems upset, Offset.”

Offset shouts random music lyrics before suggesting, “Let’s talk about some music!”

The video then cuts to text onscreen that reads “July 28th,” the date he plans to drop new music. 

Offset’s announcement comes a few days after his bandmate Quavo unveiled his new album Rocket Power, expected August 4. His spoof recreates Brown’s appearance on Sonya Live in April 1988, where he shouted random phrases in what seemed to be an attempt to avoid questions pertaining to his arrest on assault allegations from his then-wife, Adrienne Rodriguez.

It’s not the first time someone recreated the memorable interview; Jordan Peele released his word-for-word parody in 2016.

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