Tyrese teases new baby-making album, ‘Beautiful Pain’: “Your brother and sister is coming”

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Singer and songwriter Tyrese is busy working on his upcoming album, one that he says is for the R&B lovebirds.

In an interview with The Shade Room, Tyrese dropped hints about the project’s content, its emphasis on love and affection, and how he gets through recording a body of work. 

“I don’t wanna let anybody down but I have to tell y’all, this Beautiful Pain album is grown,” he said. “All you bad a** kids … when y’all go night night, your mama and your daddy gonna be in the bedroom … and your brother and sister is coming from this album.”

He continued, “This is about to be the pandemic baby boom part two.”

The 44-year-old singer spoke about the album’s aim to unite couples, especially with today’s music focusing on dividing relationships. 

“A lot of people out here, they perpetuate negativity in their music — trying to get you to leave that man or that woman. I feel like this Beautiful Pain album is going to be a divorce deterrent,” he said.

“The vulnerabilities, the intimacy, you’re gonna wanna touch your girl’s face again.”

The “Sweet Lady” singer says he’s been working on the album for almost a year now — the longest it’s ever taken him to complete a project. And each time he finishes recording a track, leaving his “heart on the mic,” it takes at least five days to “emotionally recover,” he says.

The new 20-track collection features questions as song titles, such as “When was it over for you?”

Beautiful Pain is expected sometime this year. 

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