Latto talks family, music and acting aspirations: “I don’t see myself doing music forever”

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Latto is a family-oriented person who is particularly close with her mom and sister. Speaking to Cosmopolitan, she says doesn’t “know what I would do without” them.

“That’s probably my biggest fear—not having them with me. I go to them when I have any problems,” she says. “I don’t trust other people. So it’s like they’re my escape—my only escape.”

She credits female rappers like Cardi B for sending encouraging messages and reminders to stop responding to trolls, and her father for instilling the confidence she has today.

She hopes that her music will give other women a sense of confidence, too. “When I’m recording, the goal is to give you confidence. To give you an escape from reality. Like, ‘Okay, I go to my 9-to-5, I’m bored all the time,'” Latto says, “and it’s like, ‘No, put this on and loosen up a little bit.’ It gives the woman the power.”

Latto is currently working on the follow-up to 777, which she admits initially came with a lot of pressure.

“At first, I was feeling a lot of pressure and I think it was hindering my creative process. Then I got myself in the space where I’m like, ‘You’ve been here. You’ve done it,'” she says. “People keep forgetting the fact that I’ve been rapping since I was 8 years old. My first moment was not ‘Big Energy.’ That was just another moment. This now has been the best recording process thus far in my career.”

The star also spoke of her aspirations to be a wife, a mother and an actress. “I want to get in my acting bag, because I see myself going out like Rihanna. I don’t see myself doing music forever,” she says. 

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