Lil Uzi Vert responds to viewer who suggested they “find God”


Lil Uzi Vert‘s philosophical beliefs have once again come into question. While on a recent Instagram Live, the rapper was met with a comment from a viewer who suggested that they “find God.”

“OK what make you think I don’t believe in a higher being just because of what I talk or how I talk, how I look, how I walk, how I react to stuff,” Uzi said in response to the comment. “That don’t mean nothin’, don’t ever say nothin’.”

The star claimed their mother and grandmother would call them out if they were in the wrong, but said the ladies “ain’t really trippin’ on nothin’ because they know me for real,” and they know how Uzi was raised.

Continuing on with the rant, Uzi questioned the commenter’s interests and motives for staying tuned into the platform of someone who needs to “find God.”

“You talking about find God, come on man you don’t even know me,” Uzi said. “And if you telling me find God, you don’t even know God. You don’t know me.”

“You don’t know God. You telling me find God and you watching me. So why you watching a person that you’re telling to find God?” Uzi continued. “You don’t know who I really be on in real life. You don’t know my life for real for real. You don’t know me, man.”

Questions about Uzi’s philosophical and religious beliefs have been a recurrent topic since they mentioned Satan in a song they performed at Rolling Loud California. The star’s recent tattoo and cover on fashion magazine 032c also triggered allegations Uzi worships Satan.


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