Diddy and DJ Khaled launch Diddy Direct, making it easier to find, buy Combs Spirits products

Brandon Hickman/E!

Diddy is making it easier for retailers and consumers to discover, purchase and find more information about his Combs Spirits products with Diddy Direct. Launched in partnership with DJ Khaled, the platform features a user-friendly interface that allows people to search for local businesses and distributors that sell their desired products based on location.

The two stars announced the platform via a digital ad campaign that finds them displaying their friendship and their skills on the golf course. The ad will be played across various platforms.

“This platform is a game-changer for the spirits industry, and we’re proud to offer consumers and retailers direct access to our portfolio of premium spirits,” said Diddy in a statement. “With Diddy Direct, we’re setting a new standard for direct to retailer & direct-to-consumer experiences and bringing the best of Combs Spirits directly to anyone, anywhere in the country.”

Khaled is also featured on the cover of golf magazine Golf DigestIn the feature, he discusses his love for the sport and the creativity that comes from spending time on the course.

“When I’m done playing golf, and I walk into the studio, I have a clear mind,” he told the publication. “On this new album, a lot of my great ideas came from me sitting on the golf course or me walking the fairway and just thinking.”

He continued, “A lot of my great ideas come out when I jump in the car on the way home after a beautiful day of golf, and I’m driving home, and I’m saying ‘Man, I got a dope idea. I’m gonna go lay it down in the studio.’”

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