Music notes: Chance the Rapper, A$AP Rocky, Kid Cudi, Lil Durk and Lil Wayne

(NOTE LANGUAGE) Chance the Rapper is holding a few concerts to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Acid Rap, and he’s seeking fans’ help with the upcoming set list. “In addition to doing Acid Rap in full, I may do 3 or 4 songs at the concert that aren’t on there,” he wrote on Instagram Sunday. “Any suggestions?”

RapCaviar shared the production credits for Lil Durk‘s upcoming album, Almost Healed. Among those on the list are Metro BoominDr. Luke, Zaytoven, ChopSquad DJ and Alicia Keys.

Kid Cudi‘s new single, “Flex,” wasn’t met with the greatest reviews, so he’s preparing to drop a new song that fans will hopefully like. “You guys are my fans, ur my family!!! I hear yall!!” he tweeted. “Im pivoting. Different single June 2nd!!”

Lil Wayne arrived to Montreal’s Metro Metro Festival Friday to perform his headlining set, but with only 15 minutes left before curfew, his performance was cut short. “We apologize for Lil Wayne‘s abbreviated performance,” the festival wrote on their Instagram Story. “He arrived at the festival at 10:45 and curfew is at 11.”

A$AP Rocky intervened when a group of people in the club got aggressive around him and girlfriend Rihanna. “Y’all n***** act like gentlemen right now, you heard?” he said in the clip shared on The Neighborhood Talk. “I got my lady in here! Y’all n***** calm that s*** down, man! Don’t be in the section doing all that s***. Calm that s*** down. Y’all act like gentlemen when y’all in our presence.”

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