Permit for Rick Ross’ car and bike show reportedly denied

Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images

Rick Ross is scheduled to throw his second annual car and bike show on June 3, but his permit for the event has been denied. XXL reports the permit was rejected by the Fayette County Planning and Zoning Commission because the show is not in compliance with the county’s zoning rules.

The commission also noted the 2023 event does not fall under the categories of horse show/rodeo/carnival and/or community fair like last year’s show, which was permitted by someone other than the zoning administrator.

“Any decision to allow the 2022 event to move forward as a conditional use in the A-R Zoning District was made outside of the scope of authority of the then acting Director of Planning & Zoning/ Zoning Administrator,” the denial document reads, per XXL.

The rejection comes after Ross’ neighbors, bothered by the traffic issues from last year’s show, signed a petition to ban the event.

“I wouldn’t even feel right if they wasn’t boycotting the boss because I never got nothing easy,” Ross, born Ricky Rozay, had said in response to the petition. “It was never handed to me. I would be confused if they just let me get the money. When everybody else just met big rich producers and got record deals and got rich, Ricky Rozay had to do it another way. So, I would be confused if they wasn’t boycotting the boss.”

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