Salt-N-Pepa’s Salt reveals she was asked to have an abortion for her career

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Salt-N-Pepa are rappers and mothers who were able to balance both careers and family throughout the course of their careers, but it wasn’t something those in the industry believed was possible. Speaking to Tamron Hall, Pepa revealed they made the decision to become mothers because they knew they were capable of handling both jobs.

“They could recognize ’cause we wanted to be moms and we was moms. We said, ‘We can do it,’ and whatever came my way, I handled it, which was taking the good with the bad … ’cause someone has to do it,” she said, suggesting labels and fans panic when they think artists can’t manage both.

Salt agreed, revealing the extent that an industry worker went to to prevent her from having a baby.

“They do get scared. I don’t think I’ve ever said this out loud, oooh Tamron! I was actually asked to have an abortion,” she said, choosing to keep the person’s identity private. “But to your point, yeah, you just have to know that it’s something that you’re capable of handling if you want a kid and you want to have a career. And it’s definitely harder.”

“Having my daughter, besides finding Jesus, is the best thing that I’ve ever experienced, my kids,” she continued. “Like, I needed that lil’ baby in my life, you know? She kept me company on the road.”

Salt-N-Pepa also discussed other hardships, wins in their careers, hip-hop’s 50th anniversary and more. Their Tamron Hall Show episode airs Tuesday.

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