Chlöe wraps up In Pieces Tour with help from sister Halle

ABC/Randy Holmes

Chlöe‘s first solo outing came to an end in LA Wednesday, with fans seeing her alongside the person with whom she was introduced to the world. After an a cappella performance of her song “Surprise,” she called her sister Halle onstage to help in her sing their song “Cool People” from their 2018 album, The Kids Are Alright.

“This last song I’m about to sing, guys, is dedicated to all of you,” Chlöe said, per a clip on social media. “Sissy, can help you me sing it?” She then sat on the edge of the stage and handed the mic to Halle, who belted out her part of the song before returning the spotlight.

Chlöe’s tour supported In Pieces, her debut album as a solo artist.

“I really wanted to call it In Pieces because from afar, from our front-facing masks, we seem like everything is fine and we have it all together,” she said on the Jennifer Hudson Show, “but when you look closer, you’ll see … all the cracks from being left in pieces and gluing yourself back together and piecing yourself back together just to seem alright and OK.”

“I wanted to keep this message strong for all of us that we don’t have to live up to this fake facade,” the singer continued. “This fake idea of perfection does not exist.”

Chlöe says she received some minor notes from Beyoncé that “made such a huge difference” on the album.

“I just really appreciate her for not only front-facing taking us under her wing, but also behind the scenes, and taking the time and giving her notes when it comes our artistry, and our visuals and our music,” she said. “And to just have her support and her love means everything to me.”

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