Watch Quavo and Chlöe discuss their picks for GOAT rappers, actors and more

ABC/Randy Holmes

As discussions about GOAT — or Greatest of All Time — artists are common in the entertainment industry, Quavo and Chlöe weighed in with their thoughts on a few. The stars of Praise This shared their opinions on the greatest rapper and actor while chatting on Complex’s GOAT Talk

Despite being mentored by Jay-Z‘s wife, Beyoncé, Chlöe chose Kendrick Lamar as her pick for greatest rapper of all time, as well as Quavo and André 3000. Quavo chose Hov as his GOAT rapper, noting he’s a “great businessman” who “gives us lessons and shows us the way.”

When it came to acting, the Migos rapper selected Will Smith “because Ali is my favorite movie.” Though Chlöe agreed he was a good pick, she named Denzel WashingtonViola Davis and Angela Bassett as some of her all-time greats, before settling on just one: Angela.

She explains, “What’s Love Got to Do with It is iconic, and I think it’s so hard to play another, like, real-life person, but to put your own spin to it, and have it be so real and authentic is really hard, so I’d have to say that.”

Quavo and Chlöe also shared their thoughts on the greatest Migos song, Beyoncé song, album, dating advice, strip clubs and more.

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