Yung Miami talks being depressed after the death of her son’s father

Rich Polk/NBC

Yung Miami‘s career’s expanded since her introduction as half of City Girls to include a clothing line, podcast, acting and more. In an interview with The Cut, she says her busy workload helped stall a deep depression following the death of her son’s father, Jai Wiggins.

“I always say I never got a chance to go through the emotion of my baby father getting killed and feel he’s gone because I was always working, which was a good thing because it kept my mind off of it,” she says. “It was good and bad. If not, I don’t know where it would have took me. You know how some people go into a deep depression? I thank God I was able to keep working because I’ve got kids. I felt it, of course, but I didn’t have a breakdown until after the fact. When I did break down, it was bad.”

Miami explains she “cried every five minutes,” taking drives to nowhere and getting in the shower so people wouldn’t see her bawl. She admits she didn’t “want to do nothing” or “talk to nobody” and found herself “going through memories, going through all of these emotions, and finally feeling like, ‘Why?’ Just questioning, just a dark place.”

Despite critics of one of her scenes on BMF, Miami says it allowed her to channel her emotions, though it was a challenge.

“It was hard for me because the BMF scene, it was so emotional,” she says, “like my [character’s] husband got killed and, in real life, my baby father got killed.”

She admits she was depressed for a while but eventually met a basketball player who “just took my mind off of what I was going through.”

Wiggins passed away in June 2020 after enduring life-threatening injuries during a shooting.


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