Mo’Nique claims CBS and Paramount owe her millions in new lawsuit

Susan DeLoach/SHOWTIME

Mo’Nique has filed a lawsuit against Paramount and CBS, which she claims owe her millions for her show The Parkers.

Variety reports the actress, born Monique Hicks, notes UPN paid a below-market fee to air the show, which itself was sold for cable distribution for below average market rates, all in an effort to suppress profitability.

The suit states Mo’Nique was underpaid and is owed 2.5% of adjusted gross receipts, but has “not been permitted to share in the fruits of” the show’s success.

The suit comes months after the show’s creators Ralph FarquharSara Finney-Johnson and Vida Spears sued CBS for allegedly engaging in financial malfeasance to curb profit payments. The case was eventually settled.

The Parkers ran from 1999 through 2004 on UPN, spanning a total of five seasons. Mo’Nique portrayed the role of star character Nicole “Nikki” Ann Parker.

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